What You Need to Know about Large Format Printing

What You Need to Know about Large Format Printing 1

What You Need to Know about Large Format Printing

A few years ago, large format printing used to be a very expensive type of printing for many people. As the tools that you needed to have where expensive too, then, few companies offered this service. And the ones that offered it, the prices were expensive. Luckily, for everybody, large format printing has become available. This has happened due to the invention of digital printing technology. Due to this new tech, everything has become more affordable. Likewise, it is not only affordable, but the quality of the printing is far better too. So, now you are able to have your big banners, and more than that, any kind of big ads, actually. Here, we want to let you know what you need to know about large format printing in Chicago and everywhere.

First, what is large format print?

What You Need to Know about Large Format Printing what is it now

We have discussed a little bit about the origins of this printing service, but what does it involve? To begin with, large format print is different from just making a large print. If you have a conventional printing press, then the size of your printing will be limited to it. But with the apparition of digital printing technology, you can make large formats of prints with a higher definition.

Plus, as we said, the definition is much better that you can have vibrant colors and excellent image reproduction. Likewise, if you ask any banner printing in Chicago, these large formats can be of 5 m long in just one piece. So, they are an excellent choice for your marketing campaign.

What can you print with large format?

It is obvious that the bigger a printing marketing material is, the most people will see it. So, it is better for some companies to have at least one of these larger products. You need to be aware of all your options, and which products are really available in this format. Then, you can start shaping your strategy towards it.

  • Retractable Banners: This type of banners is quite popular due to its way of storing. This is very portable and easy to carry. If you decide for a retractable banner in Chicago, be sure that they will work well in a large format printing.
  • PVC vinyl Banners: When you design a banner with PVC, the good news is that they won’t wear, tear or break by water or any other thing. They are very useful and resistant. Plus, you can have them at a size of 5 m long.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl: This vinyl is, as well, very durable and long-lasting. You can choose this type of vinyl if you want to create a huge impact. The good about this vinyl is that you can use it inside or outside. You can place it on a window, wall or hoardings.
  • Indoor and outdoor Banners: With this kind of banner, you can get a large format print, and it will look excellent. This type of banners can be done in quickly and easily way. Plus, they are cost-effective. So, if you want to begin your campaign with something, you can use these banners, that you can use them inside and out.
What You Need to Know about Large Format Printing format 2

Large Format Printing is on trend now!

Large Format Printing has become easier to advertise your business. Since the format is larger, people won’t get trouble by noticing it. You just need to choose the format that suits your business and marketing strategy the best, and you will get an excellent large format print. The many uses are excellent for your business budget. Plus, if it is well-designed, you will definitely catch someone’s attention with it.

How Worth It Is Personalized Folders?

How Worth It Is Personalized Folders

How Worth It Is Personalized Folders?

When you began preparing the marketing strategy for your business, you need to think about any big or little aspect of it. All matters when it is about advertising your brand by any kind of media. Whether it is by a business card, a flyer, a banner or a brochure, you need to pay attention to everything in such a cosmopolitan city like Chicago. Let’s say for example that you have decided on brochures. What do you then? You hire a professional brochure printing in Chicago to design the best one for you. This is because you know this type of printed marketing material is worth it. And how about personalized folders? How worth it is personalized folders? Here we want to show you that this type of marketing is also useful for your business, and can have a great impact on your success.eww

What do we mean by personalized folders?

In any kind of business, you will find the need to have a place where you can store all your documents and paperwork. We say it is essential because if you let them loose, you can lose this papers that can be important for you.

With a personalized folder, what you do is to have folders with the logo and colors of your business. You design it in a way that can also reflects your company’s essence, and you promote it that way. Likewise, you can also hand these personalized folders to any client or customer that comes into your company. Also, you can use their pockets to include other kinds of promotional material like business card, brochures, etc.

How Worth It Is Personalized Folders what is it

Which are the benefits?

It sets your branding

It is essential for any kind of company to build a strong brand identity. You can achieve it through many ways, and one of them is through a personalized folder. When you design this folder, you need to have in mind this fact. The design should follow a clear pattern, where your brand is represented, and people can link it to the service you offer. You need to give the same amount of attention to the design of this folder, as you give it to a brochure, for example. In the case of a brochure, you decide to hire a brochure printing company Chicago. You can do the same for the folder, and hire a professional printing service to do it for you. Be aware that through this kind of stationery, you are building your business reputation as well.

It can enhance your presentations

How Worth It Is Personalized Folders it enhance your presentations

As said before, you can use these personalized folders in any kind of situation to keep all documentation in order. So, just think for a moment if you have a specific business presentation. You can choose to hand them the information in loose papers. But if you do it with personalized folders, you will show a level of professionalism and care for your brand. It will show the people that you really care enough about your company, and that your business is organized.

Besides, it can be a good way to deliver some kind of promotion. And you will do it while your audience is completely engaged on your presentation. They will be amused by it, and definitely build a great relationship with the company.

Design your best professional personalized folders!

Now you know why this kind of promotional items are as important as any other kind of printed material. You can also prove a point and established your company as a leader in its field. This is why it is important how it is designed and how it is promoted. Don’t just stay only with brochures or leaflets. Try the personalized folders too.

How to find your Brand Identity

How to find your Brand Identity

How to find your Brand Identity

So, why your brand identity is important for your business? Brand identity is all the visible elements of your brand. This includes the color, design, logo, etc., which will identify and distinguish your brand from any other one, and can make an impact on your consumer’s mind. Due to its importance, you need to be sure that all the design you make is the right one for your company. For example, if you design a brochure with the help of brochure printing in Chicago, it needs to have your business’ information. But it also needs to be very well-designed so that people identify its design with your business, and that it creates a long-lasting impression on their brains. Then, here we want to help you know how to find your Brand Identity for your business in Chicago or everywhere.

Pick the right color

It is a fact that colors can deeply influence the consumer’s behaviors in many aspects. Sometimes it can trigger a certain reaction, like wanting to buy more or less, so it is important to know which ones to pick.

After all, this color choice will not only be placed on your company’s logo but in all marketing materials like business cards, brochures, banners, flyers and more. Keep in mind that certain colors can make people react different towards your business. For example, if you pick red, it will elicit excitement in your client. On the other hand, blue can be associated with faithfulness and trustworthiness, while black gives the meaning of luxury. The color choice will depend on what you want your company to express.

How to find your Brand Identity pick the right color

Choose good Images

Of course, that your business belongs to a certain industry. Since you are working in that industry, you need to appeal to that type of public. You need to shape your business towards what your public target expects. And this goes with the type of pictures you choose to display. The visual image your business has needs to represent your business and the industry you belong to. Likewise, you need to be consistent, so the customer won’t get dizzy with many types of images. Pick images that represent you and also seem professional.

Stand out from the rest

How to find your Brand Identity stand out from the rest

With any kind of business, you will need to take some risks. You cannot always play safe and do what is expected. You are competing among many other businesses that may offer what you also have.

So, while your brand’s identity needs to be professional and consistent, it also needs to be distinctive in a matter that it won’t lose among the crowd. Try to innovate with the colors you choose and the images you include. Of course, this does not always mean to create such intricate designs. It can be a simple design, but with a powerful and recognizable message.

Show Quality

We know that if you have your business, then your products or services also have the right quality to please your customers. You need to show the same quality in every aspect of your business. If you have a well-designed brand identity, you will have to show it into your webpage and print materials. And when your possible clients and customers see it, it needs to reflect what your products also show. Just imagine if you receive a cheap brochure with a bad quality paper. Your head will immediately associate it with cheap products. It might be sometimes good to better invest in a good brochure printing Chicago to get the best results.

Brand Identity matters a lot!

Once you decide to run a business, you also need to think of creating the right brand identity. As we said before, there are many other companies doing the same. So, what you need to do is to think outside the box, and create something unique and professional for your business as well. Make sure you really build an image to your company into the business world. And make sure your clients and future customers remembers you for a long time.

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event?

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event?

A trade show is a great event where you have will have the opportunity to showcase, display, demonstrate and discuss your latest products and services. This kind of events usually takes place in convention centers and lasts several days. Many companies will attend these places to do the same as you: try to get their business well-known. Since it is a place where many people can find many solutions for their problems, and where they can find also prospective investors, you need to think thoroughly about it. Here, we want to show you how to plan a successful Trade Show Event in Chicago.

First: Define Your Objective

So, you have decided to participate in a trade show. You have realized that it represents a great opportunity for your company. However, you don’t exactly know how to begin or where to start. One of the first things for everything in life is to define a clear objective or goal. If you know where you are heading towards, you will know how to plan the rest of the plan.

In this case, the prime objective is to chalk out your marketing purposes. Why are you going to a trade show? There are many things you can get from this, but if you try to get all of them, you may end up getting nothing. With this clear, you can set your budget, schedule and trade show booth ideas clear. For example, you can choose or brand awareness, lead generation or relationship building. Based on your decisions, you can organize better.

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event define your objective

Second: Decide Your Message

Now, it comes this crucial part: The key message you will display at the event. You need to be cohesive to really catch and impact the audience. So, everything will be designed towards that message. For instance, your business cards, brochures and banner printing in Chicago should highlight this message. Of course, try to be as innovative and creative as you can. Think out of the box. There will be many other companies that will also try to show their messages, so yours need to stand out from the rest. What you need to achieve is to create a lasting impression in the customers’ mind.

Third: Choose The Right Show

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event choose the right show

As these trade shows are an excellent opportunity for business, there are thousands of these events held annually in the country. For this, you need to choose the ones that will actually help you let your message be known. Nevertheless, you cannot forget to go to the smaller, targeted shows. Despite being small, and seemingly having small attending, they can be a niche market for you.

To decide which trade shows to assist, don’t look about how big or small it is, but rather look if your customers and competitors will attend. You need to target the right public, and compete with the other potential competitors. Once you have found the show you want to attend, do not forget to sign up early to get a good spot.

Fourth: Get The Marketing Essentials

When you think of your trade show booth, you also should plan carefully, what are the marketing essentials for it. As we have spoken about it previously, all these marketing elements should be directed to portray one message. But you also need to decide which of them will work the best to the success of your show. You need to have a custom canopy to set it up your booth. These tents are portable and very easy to set up. Likewise, plan to design a sign or a banner to help display your message. If you have no idea how to design it, a good banner printing Chicago can help you choose the best design. And to finish, you can deliver custom stickers. This is something that your customers can take with them, so it is a fun way to create a long-lasting impression on them.

Fifth: Promote Your Presence

Something you might forget when planning your whole trade show appearance is to actually promote your presence there. Alright, you have chosen the right show for your business, and you already have all the marketing you will need. What comes next? To let people know you will be there. After all, it all be useless, if no one knows you will be there.

According to a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, approximately 75% of the people attend a trade show if they know who they want to visit. So, what you need to do is to spread the message that you will be there. You can use social media, small email campaigns, telephone messages.

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event welcoming presence

Likewise, you can also choose to place some retractable banners in Chicago, in the place where you know your public target is, and where the trade show will be. What matters is that you let people know about your presence.

Sixth: Create a Welcoming Presence

If you have everything plan and set for your presence at the trade show, now you need to wait for the people to come. You can have everything there, but if you don’t show a welcoming and warm presence, people won’t come to it. You need to let the audience know you really care for them. The better they are treated; the more people will come. They will show if they know people will let them know everything they need, and provide them with the information they need. So, try to make your presence, and your employees as well, friendly.

Seventh: Do a follow-up

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event do a follow-up

So, you have planned everything you will do in the trade show event to catch as many people as you can. Perhaps even placing some Chicago retractable banners there, and some other brochures to hand out. You should also plan the strategy you will follow right after the trade show finishes.

Once this event is done, you need to act fast and efficiently. Time is a matter here. You should act while the information and show are still fresh in their minds. Then, a good way to do this is if you send a follow-up email remainder after the show, and you thank them for their visit. It is a good start. Remember that you need to constantly update these leads, and try to turn them into clients. Your trade show appearance objective is for that, after all. Don’t miss this opportunity and create a good follow-up strategy.

Trade Shows are Important!

There are many ways in which you can advertise your company. But trade shows are a key part to achieve what you are looking: To get more clients and partners. This is why they are so important, and you should not disregard them. Try to plan a budget for it, and look for the best trade show events. You don’t know how much of an impact it can have, until you have assisted one.

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business

If you are just beginning in the business world, you might find out that marketing is essential for your company to grow. It is a fact that you need to set a budget for only marketing purposes. And if you are just a small business, it may seem a little overwhelming for you. You are just starting, and your budget is also small. How can you pay for all the advertisement campaign you need to develop in Chicago? Will you have the money to sustain all of that? Well, here comes the good news. Marketing does not always imply that you should spend thousands of dollars. There are also affordable alternatives for you. Here we present you low-cost ways to promote your small business.

Think about Business Cards

Something you need to keep in mind about your company is that business cards are essential to give it a certain presence of seriousness. Our business card printing in Chicago strongly believes that if you present a business card to someone you meet, it will leave a great first impression.

A business card can tell a lot about your company and how it is run. Likewise, it is something that people can carry with them anywhere, since their size fits a wallet. So, business cards should be a top priority when you plan your marketing campaign.

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business business cards

Go to the Streets

One good way to catch potential clients is to attract the attention of the day-to-day pedestrian. For this matter, it is good for you to try to customize your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Of course, there are some vans that come with a huge banner already to do it for you. But if you don’t have the possibility yet to hire one, you can also do it with your own car. For example, some people choose to put the name and phone number of the business on of the windows or doors. Just think of the amount of people who will read it while you drive around. And in this case, a traffic congestion can be favorable for you too.

Attend all Kind of Events

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business attend all kind of events

If you are trying to create a presence in the market, you need to be aware of all the events that includes your business’ industry. When you go to these places, you can create connections with local customers and also strengthen the communication with the others.

Every special event is a perfect opportunity to show off your business, with business cards, banners or brochures. You need to be prepared to hand all of these, or the ones you have. But remember to be tasteful and have a great design that truly displays the message of your company.

Give out little souvenirs

A great strategy to attract someone’s attention to your company is by offering them special gifts as a promotion. They will be interested in the free stuff they can get, but at the same time, they will get to know your company. For example, just with this simple phrase, “The first 50 people to come to our store will receive a free…”. Let us assure you that people will come. You need to have pens, designer mugs, custom t-shirts, etc. You can hand them all along with a business card that represents your company. This kind of promotion definitely works. For that, have everything prepared in advance.

Organize Seminars or Presentations

If there is one thing you are sure is that you have a high level of expertise according to the industry and field you are in. After all, this is why you start your business. You are in the position of giving advice regarding the industry you belong. So, why not share all this knowledge while at the same time promote your business?

Just imagine that you start promoting this presentation about a topic you know is interesting for the general audience. You set the date and time. So, once it is the day of the presentation, you can also introduce the type of service you offer, and how it can help them understand better the problem they are going through.

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business organize seminars or presentations

Furthermore, not only in the speech itself, but the place can be set up with many things to promote your business. With a Banner printing in Chicago, you can show the topic of your presentation and the name of your company. Likewise, you can also give some little presents like pencils, pens, carpets, and so on. Just make sure everything has the name of your business, with some contact information. So, if they need to call you, they will.

Use your Leisure Activities

This way of promoting your business is really simple, yet effective in all senses. Besides your business, you also have a life and time to spend wherever you want. Of course, while in your company, you can ask for a banner printing Chicago to help you promote your business outside your company. But once you are out of the job, you can also promote it by yourself. Through the many leisure activities you do, you can as well, not only enjoy them, but also talk for your company. You can decide to wear a t-shirt with the information of your business displayed while doing something you like. Or perhaps, as we said before, you can take your business cards and give them everywhere you can. Take in mind that you don’t have to wait to be on a business meeting or trade show to hand your card, you can do it everywhere.

Give out stickers

Low-cost ways to promote your small business give out stickers

As we stated before, an excellent way to promote your small business is with the help of a car and a huge banner (that contains any sort of contact information for people to call you). So, using a car as a tool to let people know about your business has become an excellent idea.

Then, think about this: What if there are more cars, not only yours, that also low-key promote your products and services? Well, stickers can definitely do that. If you give one to a person who have come to your location, and they put it onto the window of their car, it can be an excellent way to promote your business. And you will not be doing it yourself.

 Just picture this. Imagine you have a car business. So, you also offer an oil change service. The person who comes can receive this oil stickers direct to remember when it is their next oil change, and where to go. It seems like a great idea to stick into your customer’s head. Then, this is not only applied to car businesses. You can create and design stickers according to the type of industry you are in.

Hand calendars

Since we have talked about little souvenirs, calendars might fit into this category. But as we know about its effectiveness, it has seemed better to let you know about this separately. Calendars are a great advertising item to give to someone. Every people want to know the date for various reasons. So, a calendar will never be a waste of money. And if your calendar has your contact information there, and a design that reminds the person what your company offers, then it can be a great reminder for everyone. Especially, adhesive calendar corners are also a great option, since a person can place it into their notebooks, or somewhere at their home. As it is adhesive, it won’t suffer the risk of getting lost. Your company’s information will be displayed there for anyone to see it.

Promote your business!

Since you are a beginner in this world, you need to make sure you are doing the right kind of marketing campaign. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in it, if you are choosing the right one. Likewise, if you are not sure how to design any of this, you may as well hire a business card printing in Chicago or any other printing service to do it for you. They know the type of audience you will work with, and will design accordingly.

All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners

All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners

All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners

Banners are an important tool to advertise your company in many situations and places. But when you have a special event, banners require an extra attention and a detailed designing than regular advertising banners. In many special events, one of your prime goals is to catch as much people’s attention as you can. For that, your banner design needs to display the necessary information to create that impact. Here we present you all you need to know about special event banners in Chicago.

How the design should go

When you design a banner for a special event, you need to customize it according to the event you are attending. The good thing about Banner Printing in Chicago is that they are easily customized and durable if done with the right materials and with the help of a great company. So, if what you are looking is to design a banner that really suits the special event you will have, the main aspects you need to focus on are the following:

  • To be authentic: When you create a banner for an event, it needs to be authentic. Since these events are usually attended by many other businesses, you need to design your banner in a creative way. This because the audience need to associate your banner with your brand and business. Plus, try to incorporate the event that it is being celebrated.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Along with being authentic, your banner needs to be eye-catching. Remember to design it according to the audience that will attend this event. Always try to study your audience to choose the right colors, font, images, logos and information.
  • Make it large: Try with large and easy to read banners. For that, take into consideration the type of font you will use and the number of it too. Some of the easiest fonts to read are Helvetica, Georgia, and PT Sans. We know there might be others that seem “prettier”, but it can give people headaches when trying to understand it.
  • Choose a consistent message: We understand that you may want to tell people all the services and products your company offers. However, our banner printing Chicago advise you not to display multiple messages on a special events banner. You need to be direct with the message. Likewise, it needs to be easy to understand.
  • Add relevant visuals: Just as the message is important, the visuals you choose to put are key as well. Some researches have shown that humans retain 65 % more information from an ad if it goes along with an image. But do not just pick random images or pictures. They need to be related to what you are talking and the message you are giving.
  • Try with minimal content: This can be applied to many other marketing materials. For example, if you have your business card, a professional business card printing Chicago will advise you to only show your logo company and the contact information to make it effective. This is a minimalistic design. The same will apply to your special event banners. Sometimes the less is better for your banners. Try to make it simple, with just one main message in a single sentence, or perhaps two to four more lines, but no more. If the banner is too loaded with information everywhere, it can be confusing for your audience.
  • Let it shine: When it comes to catch people’s attention, especially at large special events, you need to pay attention to the colors you choose. The right color choose can bring you many clients. According to many studies, the brighter the color is, the more energy your banner will display. This can influence your audience’s behavior. If you want them to feel enthusiastic about your banner and, thus, your product or service, you need to pick bright colors that can make your banner shine.
  • Have a balanced Layout: Imagine you are choosing a business card printing in Chicago to design one, you need to pick one that really knows how to showcase your message. This goes for your banner as well. In a special event banner, there are certain type of designs you need to follow. For example, there should always be the company logo, the main message, one or two relevant images and the CTA (Call To Action). All this information needs to be there in the banner. But you will have to distribute it in an intelligent way. If everything is a mess, your audience might get lost too. They need to know where to look at. And in case they want to get in touch with you, there need to be ways to contact you. So, think about it, too, on how to balance your banner’s design.
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners authentic
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners make it large
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners bright colors
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners bright colors have a balance layout

Ready to design the best banner for special events?

While banners are an important tool for your marketing campaign in overall, for special events you need to look at them more carefully. They need to follow the theme and try to please the audience, to try to catch someone’s attention. Take into consideration all these recommendations to design the best banner you can with the help of the right banner printing company.

Are Flyers still effective?

Are flyers still effective

Are Flyers still effective?

Yes, flyers are still an effective marketing tool for many businesses across the world. Perhaps you might be thinking that since we live in an age of high-tech advertising, flyers are old-fashioned. But that is not true. A flyer is a paper advertisement, that is often printed in bulk to distribute on a large scale on public spaces. What is good about a flyer is that you can hand directly or through the post. Many businesses, individual entrepreneurs, organizations, etc., use flyers today due to many reasons. So, find out the reasons to this question: Are flyers still effective?

An affordable tool

A good thing about a flyer, that differentiate it from other advertising tools, is that it is an extremely cost-effective way to promote your brand message. If you pick the right flyer printing in Los Angeles, you will find excellent prices and packages for your flyers.

Likewise, it is not only affordable, but it has an incredibly high return on investment. Sometimes you might think that paying for advertising space, or fulfilling the website with tons of ads are the best ways to show off your business. However, a flyer has shown to be effective to get new clients.

So, you are paying for advertising knowing that it will have results. It is an incredible way to save your company’s budget and increase it as well.

Are flyers still effective affordable

A complement to digital

Since we live in a digital world, all your digital ads are useful. Do not doubt about that fact. However, sometimes what your company will need is to use something else that can complement, and thus, reinforce the message given by the digital ways. A flyer can do that. Hiring a flyer printing Los Angeles can help you get more to the people. So, you are not only approaching them through a digital way, but also a physical one through printed material. By doing this, you can be sure that your message will get to them from every corner. Your impact on them will be higher. And you can stand out from others that do not use a flyer material because “it seems old-fashioned”.

A physical advertisement

Are flyers still effective physical advertisement

When you hand a flyer, people have something they can touch and keep it with them. As this is an era full of digital things, most of the stuff we receive are via email. And people get inundated by it every day, and may even forget about it.

But a flyer is different. Just imagine how surprising it can be in a city like Los Angeles, to receive a high quality, printed flyer that they can lay their hands upon. It will instantly stand out from the crowd.

A flyer will be a piece of advertisement that they can go over and over, anytime they want, without the need to connect to the internet. This can create a sense of personal touch and a personal relationship within the company and the possible client.

An instant reply

An advantage you can get with a flyer is that you can generate leads and get replies in a short amount of time. With other advertising tools, like internet ads, you need to wait for at least an appropriate time to see results. However, flyers are faster in that matter. You won’t have to sit back and wait for them to notice you. If you have designed a cool flyer, with the right colors and message, the audience will respond to you at the right time. Just make sure to design it right, or, hire a good printing company that can do it for you.

Flyers still matter!

According to recent surveys, flyer printing has shown surprisingly positive effects, for the audience and for the business. It is still an affordable and excellent marketing tactic to use it nowadays. No matter how advance our technology is, we can still rely on printing materials like flyers to have excellent results.

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think

Back then, when technology was not as developed as now, the only colors the banners had, were black and white. So, the design was limited by how much someone could do with only two colors. However, since the progress of technology, it was possible to include a whole rainbow of colors in any banner design. Nowadays, many people choose to advertise with color banners. And this election is because of their proven results. We cannot deny the impact of colors for the marketing industry, and even more the way our possible clients can act due to certain color elections. So, we want to show you how colors affect your Banner Design more than you think.

Do colors influence consumer behavior?

To begin with, it has been proven that the color you choose not only for your banner, but for your entire brand, can deeply affect the way people will respond towards it. It is extremely important to choose the right colors for your brand.

For example, if you open a company in Chicago that sells candies, you should not use yellow or green for any kind of promotional items. It is better to choose red, since it is a color that anyone can associate with sweetness. The type of color can trigger different responses into people. 

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think influence behavior

Some researches have found that the color red can encourage people to buy more. Meanwhile, colors associated with blue tones, make people become more thoughtful and budget-conscious when deciding to buy something.

Banners and colors

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think banners and colors

As a Banner Printing Chicago, we know that banners give your company a wide range of exposure, even more if placed outside. A banner can be used in any sort of events, like meetings, ferias, openings, conferences, and so on.

So, your company’s message will be exposed to many prospect clients. You expect to have a maximum exposure and to attract people’s eyes. But not only that. What you need to look is to transform those views into sales.

Keep in mind that some colors evoke different emotions in people. The color you choose needs to be in tone with your logo, your brand, your company’s identity, and the result you expect from the viewers.

For instance, let’s mention some colors that can help you gain attention from people. In case of color yellow, it is perfect to grabs people’s attention. So, if you want to first catch their attention, you’d better pick this color. But you have already grabbed their attention, now you want them to buy, not only see. For that, you can also use color orange. This will create a subconscious call-to-action. They will feel the need to buy. And not only that, but they can also associate it with affordability.

Color contrast in banners

Once you have chosen the color you will use for your banner, one that matches the whole company’s identity, it is also important to talk about contrasts. Online banner printing services recommend that in any type of advertisement, you need to consider certain things that stand out more than others. A contrast is used to emphasize important information you want people to notice. It is a great way to help consumers distinguish the different elements that appear on the banner. So, when you design and pick certain colors, you need to add color contrast for it to be a completely effective marketing tool.

Let’s take for example a banner advertisement you have designed whose main color is blue background. And you want to add a type of button to place the telephone number or any other important contact information. But you decide to give it a dark blue color. Will the people be able to notice it? No, it will be difficult for them to read it.

To fix that problem, you could decide to use a yellow or orange button. These two colors can create a deep color contrast. Besides, the users will be able to discern between elements, and find which one is the most important information.

How colors affect your Banner Design more than you think color contrast

On the other hand, you need to learn to moderate your color contrast and only pick the necessary ones. There might be situations in which you have understood the importance of color contrast. But you decide to use it in every part of your banner. Then, a person might get confused and overwhelmed about your banner. Learn to distribute well the colors. If it makes too difficult for you, the good online banner printing services can help you to choose the right colors and to know when to apply the perfect color contrast.

Think of your brand too

While it is important to sell, in order to increase revenues and your company’s budget, you also need to think in your brand and which industry you belong to. This has to do much more with the color of your logo. However, while designing your banner, that has to match with the type of logo you have, any good banner printing in Chicago will know which colors to use. For example, the colors green, blue and white represent trust and security, and can be used with companies that want to evoke a relaxed feeling.

So, the color you choose for your banner will for sure impact on your viewers. Depend on the type of response you want to get; you choose the colors. Of course, if still need help, you can ask any professional printing service. The best professionals are aware of the psychology behind colors, and will know which one to use.