Every Door Direct Mail


  • Choosing quantity and size you’ll get design fee, handling and bundling. Free shipping!
  • Print specs: Postcards 14pt, double side, full color and UV gloss.


So, do you need to grow your business? Looking for an effective way to advertise? Direct Mail Advertising Chicago is here for you. Then, eddm postcard printing is ideal for just about any type of business, organization or event that needs immediate response directed at local customers generate sales.

Key factors to consider when thinking about EDDM include: How big is your local competition? Do you have an established logo visible? Also, your company’s reputation.

Several other factors are current events; economic impact on consumers as well as weather can also have an effect on your response rate. So, these are all factors we take into consideration when we begin each and every campaign to make sure we can overcome them.

Business sales reports show that up to 85% of purchasing customers come from a 5-mile radius. Also, the EDDM program is the most effective, fast and simplest way to guarantee that your business will reach you direct neighborhood purchasing consumers.

What We Offer Clients

  • Designing
  • Printing the mail pieces
  • Bundling your mail
  • Delivering your mailing to the Post Office™

What If Your Business Could…

  • Increase net sales by 25%
  • Grow from 500 to 800 orders a day
  • Promote to every neighbor within a 10 mile radius

Ideal businesses that benefit from EDDM

Local pizza shops, auto repair shops, restaurants, florists, daycare centers, hair salons, spas, real estate professionals and home service companies. And these are all examples of companies using EDDM. Thus, they bring walk-in traffic to their businesses to increase client base and awareness of their business.

Eddm postcard printing online tool

  • Identify carrier routes
  • Determine how many pieces you’ll need
  • Create the necessary mailing documents
  • Calculate postage in real time


Do you have a Design for eddm postcard printing?

Prepare your file to print eddm postcards with the following template in pdf format. Also, you can do the same for eddm flyer printing.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This template can be imported into: InDesign, Quark Express, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and many other content creation programs.

What makes Boxmark ideal for eddm postcard printing?

It is our experience doing EDDM. We offer high quality eddm postcards and eddm flyers that will get the best results. From design, analysis, printing and preparing you’re mailers, to sending it to the local post office locations for distribution. We are your one stop solution.

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