Plastic Gift Cards


Bar coding with or without human readable characters printed below Additional Features for EXTRA FEES (Call for Estimate): Low or high coercivity (Lo-Co/Hi-Co) magnetic stripes encoded on track 1,2 and / or 3 – Consecutive numbering or variable data personalization for names, numbers, PINs, etc. With provided database – Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard or ask us about custom sizes and shapes – Standard writable finish for signatures and handwritten personalization or ask about custom signature panels – Scratch – off overlay panels for PINs, special promotions and contest.

Standard thicknesses 0,20″ (20 mil), full color.

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Gift Cards/ Plastic Certificates

  • Increase customer loyalty and sales by using Custom Gift Certificates.

These days more businesses, and establishments use Printable Gift Certificates as contest prizes, promotional gifts and for customer loyalty campaigns.
Custom Print Certificates are great for attracting new or old customers, and they are especially popular around the holidays since customers can give them out as gifts to friends, families or clients.

  • Let your customers, vendors, and clients know how much you value their business with Custom Designed Gift Certificates, and Gift Vouchers.

Make it easy for your existing customers, or potential ones to exclusively spend their money on your products or services. Even if it’s not for themselves to spend on, Business Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone, on any occasion.
You don’t have to own a luxury nor designer store to purchase Personalized Gift Cards.

Nowadays, grocery, pet and gift stores; boutiques and specialty shops; florists and garden shops; automotive, oil changers and car washes; dentists and chiropractors; health clubs and golf courses; clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops; restaurants and nightclubs; and equipment rental stores.

  • Custom Gift Cards are a must for your business. They help to expose your business, products, and services to your current, or new potential customers.

Help your business gain extra profit with Custom Print GIft Cards.
Because plastic gift cards are reloadable and reusable, most of the time about  80% of the value on Gift Certificates are redeemed and more often than not, customers tend to spend above the value of the gift card.

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