Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business

If you are just beginning in the business world, you might find out that marketing is essential for your company to grow. It is a fact that you need to set a budget for only marketing purposes. And if you are just a small business, it may seem a little overwhelming for you. You are just starting, and your budget is also small. How can you pay for all the advertisement campaign you need to develop in Chicago? Will you have the money to sustain all of that? Well, here comes the good news. Marketing does not always imply that you should spend thousands of dollars. There are also affordable alternatives for you. Here we present you low-cost ways to promote your small business.

Think about Business Cards

Something you need to keep in mind about your company is that business cards are essential to give it a certain presence of seriousness. Our business card printing in Chicago strongly believes that if you present a business card to someone you meet, it will leave a great first impression.

A business card can tell a lot about your company and how it is run. Likewise, it is something that people can carry with them anywhere, since their size fits a wallet. So, business cards should be a top priority when you plan your marketing campaign.

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business business cards

Go to the Streets

One good way to catch potential clients is to attract the attention of the day-to-day pedestrian. For this matter, it is good for you to try to customize your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Of course, there are some vans that come with a huge banner already to do it for you. But if you don’t have the possibility yet to hire one, you can also do it with your own car. For example, some people choose to put the name and phone number of the business on of the windows or doors. Just think of the amount of people who will read it while you drive around. And in this case, a traffic congestion can be favorable for you too.

Attend all Kind of Events

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business attend all kind of events

If you are trying to create a presence in the market, you need to be aware of all the events that includes your business’ industry. When you go to these places, you can create connections with local customers and also strengthen the communication with the others.

Every special event is a perfect opportunity to show off your business, with business cards, banners or brochures. You need to be prepared to hand all of these, or the ones you have. But remember to be tasteful and have a great design that truly displays the message of your company.

Give out little souvenirs

A great strategy to attract someone’s attention to your company is by offering them special gifts as a promotion. They will be interested in the free stuff they can get, but at the same time, they will get to know your company. For example, just with this simple phrase, “The first 50 people to come to our store will receive a free…”. Let us assure you that people will come. You need to have pens, designer mugs, custom t-shirts, etc. You can hand them all along with a business card that represents your company. This kind of promotion definitely works. For that, have everything prepared in advance.

Organize Seminars or Presentations

If there is one thing you are sure is that you have a high level of expertise according to the industry and field you are in. After all, this is why you start your business. You are in the position of giving advice regarding the industry you belong. So, why not share all this knowledge while at the same time promote your business?

Just imagine that you start promoting this presentation about a topic you know is interesting for the general audience. You set the date and time. So, once it is the day of the presentation, you can also introduce the type of service you offer, and how it can help them understand better the problem they are going through.

Low-Cost Ways to Promote your Small Business organize seminars or presentations

Furthermore, not only in the speech itself, but the place can be set up with many things to promote your business. With a Banner printing in Chicago, you can show the topic of your presentation and the name of your company. Likewise, you can also give some little presents like pencils, pens, carpets, and so on. Just make sure everything has the name of your business, with some contact information. So, if they need to call you, they will.

Use your Leisure Activities

This way of promoting your business is really simple, yet effective in all senses. Besides your business, you also have a life and time to spend wherever you want. Of course, while in your company, you can ask for a banner printing Chicago to help you promote your business outside your company. But once you are out of the job, you can also promote it by yourself. Through the many leisure activities you do, you can as well, not only enjoy them, but also talk for your company. You can decide to wear a t-shirt with the information of your business displayed while doing something you like. Or perhaps, as we said before, you can take your business cards and give them everywhere you can. Take in mind that you don’t have to wait to be on a business meeting or trade show to hand your card, you can do it everywhere.

Give out stickers

Low-cost ways to promote your small business give out stickers

As we stated before, an excellent way to promote your small business is with the help of a car and a huge banner (that contains any sort of contact information for people to call you). So, using a car as a tool to let people know about your business has become an excellent idea.

Then, think about this: What if there are more cars, not only yours, that also low-key promote your products and services? Well, stickers can definitely do that. If you give one to a person who have come to your location, and they put it onto the window of their car, it can be an excellent way to promote your business. And you will not be doing it yourself.

 Just picture this. Imagine you have a car business. So, you also offer an oil change service. The person who comes can receive this oil stickers direct to remember when it is their next oil change, and where to go. It seems like a great idea to stick into your customer’s head. Then, this is not only applied to car businesses. You can create and design stickers according to the type of industry you are in.

Hand calendars

Since we have talked about little souvenirs, calendars might fit into this category. But as we know about its effectiveness, it has seemed better to let you know about this separately. Calendars are a great advertising item to give to someone. Every people want to know the date for various reasons. So, a calendar will never be a waste of money. And if your calendar has your contact information there, and a design that reminds the person what your company offers, then it can be a great reminder for everyone. Especially, adhesive calendar corners are also a great option, since a person can place it into their notebooks, or somewhere at their home. As it is adhesive, it won’t suffer the risk of getting lost. Your company’s information will be displayed there for anyone to see it.

Promote your business!

Since you are a beginner in this world, you need to make sure you are doing the right kind of marketing campaign. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in it, if you are choosing the right one. Likewise, if you are not sure how to design any of this, you may as well hire a business card printing in Chicago or any other printing service to do it for you. They know the type of audience you will work with, and will design accordingly.