How to plan a successful Trade Show Event?

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event?

A trade show is a great event where you have will have the opportunity to showcase, display, demonstrate and discuss your latest products and services. This kind of events usually takes place in convention centers and lasts several days. Many companies will attend these places to do the same as you: try to get their business well-known. Since it is a place where many people can find many solutions for their problems, and where they can find also prospective investors, you need to think thoroughly about it. Here, we want to show you how to plan a successful Trade Show Event in Chicago.

First: Define Your Objective

So, you have decided to participate in a trade show. You have realized that it represents a great opportunity for your company. However, you don’t exactly know how to begin or where to start. One of the first things for everything in life is to define a clear objective or goal. If you know where you are heading towards, you will know how to plan the rest of the plan.

In this case, the prime objective is to chalk out your marketing purposes. Why are you going to a trade show? There are many things you can get from this, but if you try to get all of them, you may end up getting nothing. With this clear, you can set your budget, schedule and trade show booth ideas clear. For example, you can choose or brand awareness, lead generation or relationship building. Based on your decisions, you can organize better.

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event define your objective

Second: Decide Your Message

Now, it comes this crucial part: The key message you will display at the event. You need to be cohesive to really catch and impact the audience. So, everything will be designed towards that message. For instance, your business cards, brochures and banner printing in Chicago should highlight this message. Of course, try to be as innovative and creative as you can. Think out of the box. There will be many other companies that will also try to show their messages, so yours need to stand out from the rest. What you need to achieve is to create a lasting impression in the customers’ mind.

Third: Choose The Right Show

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event choose the right show

As these trade shows are an excellent opportunity for business, there are thousands of these events held annually in the country. For this, you need to choose the ones that will actually help you let your message be known. Nevertheless, you cannot forget to go to the smaller, targeted shows. Despite being small, and seemingly having small attending, they can be a niche market for you.

To decide which trade shows to assist, don’t look about how big or small it is, but rather look if your customers and competitors will attend. You need to target the right public, and compete with the other potential competitors. Once you have found the show you want to attend, do not forget to sign up early to get a good spot.

Fourth: Get The Marketing Essentials

When you think of your trade show booth, you also should plan carefully, what are the marketing essentials for it. As we have spoken about it previously, all these marketing elements should be directed to portray one message. But you also need to decide which of them will work the best to the success of your show. You need to have a custom canopy to set it up your booth. These tents are portable and very easy to set up. Likewise, plan to design a sign or a banner to help display your message. If you have no idea how to design it, a good banner printing Chicago can help you choose the best design. And to finish, you can deliver custom stickers. This is something that your customers can take with them, so it is a fun way to create a long-lasting impression on them.

Fifth: Promote Your Presence

Something you might forget when planning your whole trade show appearance is to actually promote your presence there. Alright, you have chosen the right show for your business, and you already have all the marketing you will need. What comes next? To let people know you will be there. After all, it all be useless, if no one knows you will be there.

According to a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, approximately 75% of the people attend a trade show if they know who they want to visit. So, what you need to do is to spread the message that you will be there. You can use social media, small email campaigns, telephone messages.

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event welcoming presence

Likewise, you can also choose to place some retractable banners in Chicago, in the place where you know your public target is, and where the trade show will be. What matters is that you let people know about your presence.

Sixth: Create a Welcoming Presence

If you have everything plan and set for your presence at the trade show, now you need to wait for the people to come. You can have everything there, but if you don’t show a welcoming and warm presence, people won’t come to it. You need to let the audience know you really care for them. The better they are treated; the more people will come. They will show if they know people will let them know everything they need, and provide them with the information they need. So, try to make your presence, and your employees as well, friendly.

Seventh: Do a follow-up

How to plan a successful Trade Show Event do a follow-up

So, you have planned everything you will do in the trade show event to catch as many people as you can. Perhaps even placing some Chicago retractable banners there, and some other brochures to hand out. You should also plan the strategy you will follow right after the trade show finishes.

Once this event is done, you need to act fast and efficiently. Time is a matter here. You should act while the information and show are still fresh in their minds. Then, a good way to do this is if you send a follow-up email remainder after the show, and you thank them for their visit. It is a good start. Remember that you need to constantly update these leads, and try to turn them into clients. Your trade show appearance objective is for that, after all. Don’t miss this opportunity and create a good follow-up strategy.

Trade Shows are Important!

There are many ways in which you can advertise your company. But trade shows are a key part to achieve what you are looking: To get more clients and partners. This is why they are so important, and you should not disregard them. Try to plan a budget for it, and look for the best trade show events. You don’t know how much of an impact it can have, until you have assisted one.