All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners

All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners

Banners are an important tool to advertise your company in many situations and places. But when you have a special event, banners require an extra attention and a detailed designing than regular advertising banners. In many special events, one of your prime goals is to catch as much people’s attention as you can. For that, your banner design needs to display the necessary information to create that impact. Here we present you all you need to know about special event banners in Chicago.

How the design should go

When you design a banner for a special event, you need to customize it according to the event you are attending. The good thing about Banner Printing in Chicago is that they are easily customized and durable if done with the right materials and with the help of a great company. So, if what you are looking is to design a banner that really suits the special event you will have, the main aspects you need to focus on are the following:

  • To be authentic: When you create a banner for an event, it needs to be authentic. Since these events are usually attended by many other businesses, you need to design your banner in a creative way. This because the audience need to associate your banner with your brand and business. Plus, try to incorporate the event that it is being celebrated.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Along with being authentic, your banner needs to be eye-catching. Remember to design it according to the audience that will attend this event. Always try to study your audience to choose the right colors, font, images, logos and information.
  • Make it large: Try with large and easy to read banners. For that, take into consideration the type of font you will use and the number of it too. Some of the easiest fonts to read are Helvetica, Georgia, and PT Sans. We know there might be others that seem “prettier”, but it can give people headaches when trying to understand it.
  • Choose a consistent message: We understand that you may want to tell people all the services and products your company offers. However, our banner printing Chicago advise you not to display multiple messages on a special events banner. You need to be direct with the message. Likewise, it needs to be easy to understand.
  • Add relevant visuals: Just as the message is important, the visuals you choose to put are key as well. Some researches have shown that humans retain 65 % more information from an ad if it goes along with an image. But do not just pick random images or pictures. They need to be related to what you are talking and the message you are giving.
  • Try with minimal content: This can be applied to many other marketing materials. For example, if you have your business card, a professional business card printing Chicago will advise you to only show your logo company and the contact information to make it effective. This is a minimalistic design. The same will apply to your special event banners. Sometimes the less is better for your banners. Try to make it simple, with just one main message in a single sentence, or perhaps two to four more lines, but no more. If the banner is too loaded with information everywhere, it can be confusing for your audience.
  • Let it shine: When it comes to catch people’s attention, especially at large special events, you need to pay attention to the colors you choose. The right color choose can bring you many clients. According to many studies, the brighter the color is, the more energy your banner will display. This can influence your audience’s behavior. If you want them to feel enthusiastic about your banner and, thus, your product or service, you need to pick bright colors that can make your banner shine.
  • Have a balanced Layout: Imagine you are choosing a business card printing in Chicago to design one, you need to pick one that really knows how to showcase your message. This goes for your banner as well. In a special event banner, there are certain type of designs you need to follow. For example, there should always be the company logo, the main message, one or two relevant images and the CTA (Call To Action). All this information needs to be there in the banner. But you will have to distribute it in an intelligent way. If everything is a mess, your audience might get lost too. They need to know where to look at. And in case they want to get in touch with you, there need to be ways to contact you. So, think about it, too, on how to balance your banner’s design.
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners authentic
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners make it large
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners bright colors
All You Need to Know about Special Event Banners bright colors have a balance layout

Ready to design the best banner for special events?

While banners are an important tool for your marketing campaign in overall, for special events you need to look at them more carefully. They need to follow the theme and try to please the audience, to try to catch someone’s attention. Take into consideration all these recommendations to design the best banner you can with the help of the right banner printing company.