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Boxmark offers high quality printing at the best prices. You can get your business cards, flyers, banners and other marketing materials when you need them.  So, need printing services? We are the best Printing Company in Los Angeles.

Printing Company in Los Angeles

We are committed to offer you the best quality in any kind of printing service we have. Here, at Boxmark, we are aware of how important these elements are for the success of your marketing campaign. From brochures to our flyer printing in Los Angeles. We can definitely guarantee you everything you need to advertise your company.

And what is more important, everything will be customized only for you. Our Printing Company in Los Angeles will only give you the highest quality in printing. Just call us if you still have any doubts!

Choose Boxmark for high quality printing!

If you are looking for a good Printing Company in Los Angeles that offers you not only good and original designs but a high quality printing, here we are for you!


With our printing services, we offer you the best of them with the best equipment and experienced workers. We have a wide range of options only for you to choose the one that suits you the best.


We offer you our digitally printed services, which offers you much more affordability and flexibility than the tradition printing. And what is best is that it won’t compromised at all the quality of the print.

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Finishing services

When looking for the right printing company, you need to look about the kind of finishing services they offer. This finishing in printing refers to the value-added in the operations and activities after the printing in the paper. This includes the type of collating, cutting and trimming, scoring, folding or else. You need to ask for this information that we offer you and why you need these services in your printing process.

If you are well-informed, you will be able to make a good choice. So, just simply ask whether our flyer printing services include full color flyers. Or also if your brochures come in different kinds of shapes and varnishes. Knowing what your print includes, will turn your day printing into a good experience. You deserve to trust the printing service you are hiring.

Some different finishing services that we offer involve the following:


The benefit of that offers you the lamination is that it adds a layer of protecting coating to any of your print pieces. Besides protecting the printing papers, you will add a better look, the quality will improve as well as the resistance to moisture.


This process involves the application of a liquid coating to the printed pieces. It can come in a variety of options, such as matte, glossy, satin or UV. The many benefits it gives to the final printing paper is that it gives a particularly high-gloss, and shiny coating.

Cutting and Trimming

One important benefit you can ask for your finishing service is this one. Some printed pieces need to be cut or trimmed during the production time. If you ask for this service, it will make you the job easier. We use a guillotine cutter, that cuts the paper at the desired position.


This is also useful in a printing service. Some brochures need to be folded. So, if you are looking for a perfect fold, you need it in the finishing service. We use a knife folder and the buckle folder.

Business Card Printing

It is really important when you’re making first impressions. So, we’re here to help you impress potential costumers. First, select your paper thickness, paper stock and corner style. So, as you design, we’ll show you many options for the paper stocks and finish options. Also, remember that the color, wording and texture are vital.   They say a lot about your business since they reflect your company's image.

Looking to stand out with a business card in Los Angeles?

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Printing Company Los Angeles Postcard Printing

Postcard Printing

High quality postcards in Los Angeles? This is the right place. 

A postcard allows you to be closer to your prospect. So, in this way, you can communicate in a friendly environment and attract costumers in a personal way.

Take a look at our selection of creative postcards. In this way you can reflect your brand. Also, you can create your own design and we’ll have it ready on time.

Flyer Printing​

Do you need flyer printing in Los Angeles?  Grow your business now.

Custom flyers reflect your company in a creative way. So, hand them out at presentations, events or on the street. Don’t forget that a business flyer helps you get more sales.

Our Printing Company in LA will show you a wide selection of materials for a creative style. Also, you can send us your own design.

Brochure Printing

Brochures in LA can provide positive press about your company.

Brochures have sticking power as one of the printing services we offer. The trick is making your brochure stand out. So, our Printing Company  offers modern-style brochures with interesting formats, illustrations and typography.

Signs & Banner Printing

Looking for Banner Printing in Los Angeles?

You can go for something modern to stand out. So, we will help you make the best impression so that you can notice how sales increase with time.

You just have to let us reflect your image or you can send us your design!

Best banner printing in los angeles

T-shirt Printing

You can trust our T-shirt Printing in LA to help you gain more sales

Another way to promote your business is through t-shirt printing. So, you can work with us to reflect your company’s image in a t-shirt. It’s all about the merchandising nowadays!


Apparel Printing

From creative hoodies, to t-shirts, to jackets and more, we have your back. Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique? We can take care of it!

Promotional Items

Update your merchandising with us!

We offer more than just writing instruments, desk accessories, calendars and bags.

Los Angeles website design services


Boxmark offers you design, creativity and innovation on the Internet! We can help you gain more popularity.

You can call us: (888) 315-2721. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more!

How our team works

Once you ask for our printing services, you’ll see how we will do our best to offer you our services with the best customer service. We have trained professionals that will always be there to help you and answer any question you might have. Our attitude to the customer, that is you, has evolve through the years, that we know you are in first place. We have many years of experience to help you and assist you in the project you have in mind.

We offer you not only excelent printing services, but long-standing client relationships that you will trust us for your future jobs.

What can we offer you?

We can solve real problems


In our Printing Company in Los Angeles, we will provide you the necessary information of print volumes and costs. In this way, you can decide which one to choose to reduce costs (if that is what you want) that comes with the printing services.


With our services, don’t hesitate about us. We are constantly developing our services to offer you the highest quality in the proper amount of time.


Our team is more than willing to offer you consultation services of any doubts you have. Therefore, you can choose the most-effective options for your flyer printing Los Angeles with the latest materials and technologies.


We will continue making researches for any type of small or large business or companies. So, we can always give you the latest technology in our work.

Why we need a good Printing Company in Los Angeles city

The city of Los Angeles represents one of the largest cities in California. Also, it is the second most populous city in the United States with nearly four million people. Given these facts, the economy of this city is one of the most competitive in the world. So, in such a well-known city, you need to make sure that your business is very well-positioned. Your brand needs to be well-known for many people to become loyal clients, thus, making your business grow.

Here is where a good printing company comes. One of the ways to advertise your business is done by business cards, flyers, banners and other marketing materials. Of course, we know how important the internet marketing is, but it is not the only one. Let’s not forget about the traditional ways of advertising, which are still valid.

And a good printing company is key. This is because if your flyer shows a good quality, it means that the products and services will have the same quality. That is how people and clients will associate the things. So, just look for us, a good Printing Company in Los Angeles.

printing company in Los Angeles

Top 5 Most famous places to visit in Los Angeles

Here we present you some places that makes the city of Los Angeles so appealing to many people, that you can also visit.

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood: This place is known for its incredible rides that are based on blockbuster movies. Furthermore, you can find amazing movie studios and attractions to enjoy with your family. You can also find many areas to shop and have dinner. It is a fun and enjoyable experience.
  2. Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory: The Park is located in the eastern part of Santa Monica Mountains. It is that long that covers 4,210 acres, being the largest state park in California. Here you will find the Observatory, that is one of the most interesting-based attractions. What is best is that it is free to all public. From this place, you will be able to see the moon and planets.
  3. Disneyland Resort: One of the premier family vacation destination is Disneyland. This place has many rides and experiences based on many things about the Disney franchise. Likewise, if you want to wander around the streets, you can also find many services like hotels, restaurants, shopping and more to enjoy.
  4. Hollywood: Place in a suburb of Los Angeles. What is attractive of Hollywood is its unique history and many iconic sites. This whole place is associated with the film industry and the many starts that have risen here. Besides, you can find the Hollywood sing, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Chinese Theatre. Plan to visit all of them.
  5. The Getty Center: Located on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains, this center was designed by Richard Meier. It is a huge complex set on 110 acres. You can find a beautiful building fill with collections from European paintings, drawings, sculpture and decorative arts.

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