What are some common printing errors to avoid?

What are some common printing errors to avoid?

When you finish a project, the next thing you are going to do is print it. This printing process involves some steps in order to have an excellent quality product. And you do need to follow these steps to avoid mistakes that could cost you not only time but money. So, before you order any printing, you need to be aware of the possible mistakes you could fall into, for you to avoid them on time. It is much better to be forewarned. Then, here we will answer you this important question: What are some common printing errors to avoid?

Not using images that convert to CMYK

An important fact when it comes to designing is that all of our images in the computer always use the RGB (red, green and blue).

We might not notice the difference at first, but any printing machine always uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

So, we can design under certain type of colors in the designing programs, but once printed, it won’t look the same. So, we need to make sure that any images we have used can be converted to CMYK.

What are some common printing errors to avoid not cmyk images

An inadequate bleed

In printing, bleed refers to the part of the printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. This aspect is important because it refers to the actual dimensions of your document. So, when used properly, you can avoid strips of white paper on the edges of your print. For that matter, it is always important to remember to allow enough bleed when designing (it could be approximately 3 mm in normal formats; if bigger, you can add more). Keep this common mistake always in mind. Because when your design has a full bleed, it can cause delay in the printing service.

Spelling errors

What are some common printing errors to avoid spelling mistakes

Spelling errors are part of our lives, since we have made one at least once. However, when you are doing some printed material for your business, you cannot let these mistakes happen to you.

When a poster or a business card have these errors, they may look unprofessional and could damage your business’ image. We have to keep an eye open to check any kind of spelling error before printing.

Saving images as color when they are black and white

Sometimes we can include some black and white images in our posters. But when saving the file to print it, we forgot to save it that way, and we save it as color images. This is a big mistake, since during the printing process, they may receive color and the whole design can get ruined. So, always make sure you have properly identified each image, and save it under the correct format. You can always talk it with the Printing Company in Houston to avoid these mistakes.

Using the wrong printing company

This may sound not clear at first, but if you pick the wrong printing company, your whole work can get affected. We know that there are many printing companies in the city of Houston. But they are not all professional. You need to be sure that the Printing Company services in Houston you picked is one of the best ones.

Always try to make an informed decision, and try to research about their backgrounds and positive reviews about past services. This will avoid you some uncomfortable situations, and you will have your printing products in high quality.

What are some common printing errors to avoid not right printing company