First, you should know that the printer will support printing on to a media size which is the same width as A4 media but which is much longer. Printing companies in Chicago know how important your banner is. So, banner printing is an important factor.

How to Select the Right Banner Material
How to Select the Right Banner Material

Types of Banner Materials for banner printing:

Transparent, glossy, and matte finish: Ideal for windows. These materials have a strong adhesive to stay on your selected surface. Full color printing can be used. Transparent vinyl is not recommended for light colors.

Micro-perforated: Apply to the outside of any window to advertise your product. Applicable on retail storefronts, office buildings, and all vehicle types. Maintain complete visibility from the inside out.

Magnetic: Ideal for metallic receptive surfaces. Can be removed or replaced quickly and easily. No professional installation is required. Oftentimes printed for refrigerator magnets and changeable outdoor signage.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl BannersĀ 



Storage and Use

Extend the service life of a vinyl banner by properly maintaining and storing it. Lightweight banner material should be handled with care. When you install a banner, you should not over-stretch it. Stretching vinyl banners will accelerate the fading process. To lessen the strain, fasten a banner using elastic cords.

Avoid surface contamination that could spoil the print. Gently clean a vinyl banner with a very soft cloth. Instead of using a wet cloth, use a slightly damp cloth. Don’t use any kind of cleaning fluid. Simply use water to wipe off any dirt.

In case a banner is extremely dirty and you cannot clean it with only water, use mild cleaning solutions. Avoid using cleaning fluids that contain ammonia or abrasive particles.

Store vinyl banners in a sealable container when not in use. Make sure to place them in a cool and dry area.

Custom Banners For Every Project

Choose the right banner for every occasion. Knowing which banner to use can help you maximize the quality of your display. Keep design in mind when choosing an indoor or outdoor banner. Regardless of your choice, all banner types are customizable.

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