T-shirt Printing Chicago

Boxmark offers high quality t-shirt printing at the best prices. You can get your all your t-shirts for any kind of use when you need them.  So, need printing services? We are the best T-shirt Printing Company in Chicago.

T-shirt Printing Chicago

Every year thousands of new businesses get started. This is making challenging for companies to call the attention. So, to spread the word about their businesses, companies have started using custom t-shirts for branding purposes.  Our T-shirt Printing Chicago services are here to help you.

Putting a logo and other information about brand on custom t-shirts helps you draw attention. They communicate the brand message in a friendly way. Also, t-shirts can be worn anytime and anywhere. That’s why high quality printing services are a definitely must to help your business grow. 

Why order from Boxmark?

You can trust our T-shirt Printing in Chicago to help you gain more sales. Mainly because we have a wide experience of more than 15 years in the business. Also, we offer many creative options so that your business stands out.

Through our services, we offer fashionable and customizable products only for your type of business. All the kinds of products we use are budget-friendly, but they still give the appearance of an expensive product. We only need to know what you want in your project, and we will give you many options to choose the one that suits you the best.

Think outside the box! We do not only offer you t-shirt printing services, but we can also offer you embroidery for hats, jackets and so much more. As we said earlier, you can add all these accessories to your product line or workforce. It will enhance your business and add a touch of yourself to your brand.

What matters the most is the kind of print you choose. Here at our printing services, we employ industry leading printing methods. This can let you choose the right options of a wide array of imprint that suits your business the best. For us, it is very important that you choose the one that makes your business look unique.

Benefits of using a T-Shirt as a uniform in a business

We know how attractive t-shirts can be in any business. That is when this t-shirt has a logo and information about the brand. It is an excellent way to promote your business. But, how about going a little bit forward? By that, we are talking about using these t-shirts as a work uniform. It definitely has many advantages, such as:

  • It is an attractive way to promote your business’ image.
  • It is a free way to advertise your business by your employees wherever they go.
  • It creates a team spirit, which is important to improve your worker’s productivity.
  • It can improve customer relationships, as customers will target your workers quickly.
T-shirt printing chicago

Need Help With Your

T-Shirt Order?

Ready to start the process ?

We have established how important it is to have you own t-shirt design for your business in many ways. It can help you to advertise it, to use it as an attention catcher, or to improve your worker’s productivity. So, you want to start this process of T-shirt Printing but are new to this whole process? We can help you step by step in all this matter for you to become familiarized to the whole project and to know what to expect from the next time you come to us.

1. Identify your needs

We need to identify what are the purposes of your t-shirt printing in order to decide what kind of designs we can offer you and what kind of imprinting method we will use. All details count when designing something for your business. So, we need to make sure that you are sure and know what you want to get from our results. Then, we will be able to give you a more precise information according to it.

2. Give ideas for design

Once we have identified what is the principal goal for your t-shirt printing, we can offer you a series of designs for it. We know it may be difficult sometimes to come up with a new and catchy design. For that, we can collaborate with you to make all the ideas you have come to life. Then, you will have a unique and outstanding design on your t-shirt.

3. Paying attention to details

Once you have picked up a design, or have finished designing, we start with elaboration of it. We try to focus on every detail. In this way, the results will be as you expect them to be. We can even give you a mock-up for you to verify all the things you want to change such as color, scale, placement.

4. Finishing the project

Once this is done, we begin to prepare the quote for you. You also need to be sure about the quantity and quality of your t-shirt printing for us to give you the right calculation. Our prices are affordable according to what you can pay.

5. Picking up our results

When we agree on every situation, we begin with the production and printing of your product. After a day or few days (this may vary on the number and size of your request), you can come to pick it up, or we can ship it to the address you give us. Then, you will see our final results, and be happy with your T-shirts printing.

Need help with the design of your t-shirt?
We sure can help!

In case you are not sure how to translate your ideas into reality, we can help you with that matter. We have many professional designers that can advise you and lead you through this process in case you don’t know how to start.

And, what is better, once you have finished with the design of your t-shirt, you can save it to use it for your brand on future occasions.

t-shirt printing chicago

The Perfect Option for your Business!

Build Your Image

T-Shirts are a great way to do marketing. With them, you are establishing your image and wearing it. You can give them to customers at some events or even sell them. People who like your brand will surely wear them.

t shirt printing chicago


We often don’t realize how useful a uniform is for a business. Be it new or old, you need to consider making uniforms for your company. That way everybody will recognize all those who work there.

Yes, t-shirts have many advantages that you can use for your business’ well-being. So, why not choose them as part of your marketing campaign? You can even ask us to customize the t-shirts. In this way, you will have your own and personal design. One that will identify your company.

We offer a variety of options, from printed t-shirts with the latest printers to screen printed t-shirts only for you. Just call us and decide which option you want and how you want its design to be. We will go alongside you the whole process!

Use the best
Custom T-shirts printed!

Where can you use your T-shirt Printing Chicago?

Here at Boxmark, we offer you a wide selection of products and services. For this, we understand you might feel dizzy about what we can give you. So, we have categorized some uses of your t-shirt by industry. You have a wide variety of options for your t-shirts, with several designs according to your industry and branch.

Clothing brands

Customized labels that can take your brand to the next level.


Give your staff a unique and professional look with well-designed t-shirts.


Make your business unique and expose your brand even more, with your employees’ t-shirts.


Because everywhere there is a school, so, you’ll need uniforms for the school, clubs, athletic teams, etc.

Band Merch

People love to support their favorite bands and singers, make sure your merch is their first option.

Athletic teams

Make them stand out in the field with the best designed t-shirts. Give a unique look for your team.

Tech companies

As the same places speaks for itself, you’ll get high-quality t-shirts.


We have printable hi-visibility apparel for your construction team, that also complies with the safety codes.


Increase your revenue with branded apparel that identify your business.

Our clients say...


Boxmark is your best option!

Quick shipping

We offer you an extensive selection of colors, designs, textures for your t-shirt printing services. Furthermore, we can offer you advice from our designers, who are more than glad to assess you on how to make more fashionable your shirt. It will offer you the best ideas according to your industry and type of business.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Since our t-shirts have a top-quality print service, with very affordable prices, you will be satisfied with the results. We make sure to have a good customer relationship with you. So, we will always keep you on the loop. Any question you want, any concern you have, any order you need completed in a few hours, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade your Garment

If there are some things we can give you, these are high-quality and cost-effectiveness products. Plus, we offer a variety of stylish garments designs. Our printing service is here for you in Chicago. If what you need is a quick shipping, you can have the shirts. We offer quick turnarounds if you are in the Chicago area. But do not concern if you are beyond this area, we also offer shipping to where you are located.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer you a variety of options, from where you can choose. Of course, you can bring your own design, and we can print it for you. On the other hand, you can also bring an idea of what you want for your printing, and we can help you materialize it, so you can have a perfect and suitable design for you.

The size of the t-shirts depends on the order you make. You can look for our t-shirt sizes when you are ordering, and select the ones you need.

No, we don’t. As we said, that will depend on the order you make. So, just call us to receive an approximate of your order.

This will depend on the quantity you have ordered. But we do not take too long. It may take no longer than a day or a little bit more. So, just check with us.

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