Custom Printed Face Covers


Precio del logotipo de 1 color: 20 por $ 300, 50 por $ 479, 100 $ 699, 250 por $ 1,500

CLASIFICACIÓN NO MÉDICA • 2 capas. 5.25 ″ de alto, 6.5 ″ de ancho, 3.5 ″ bucle relajado para los oídos • 3.8oz 100% poliéster Tejido absorbente de humedad • Hecho a medida en EE. UU. • Lavable y reutilizable • Cómodo para usar todo el día • Imprime hasta 4 colores • Uso adicional como cubierta para N95 • Servicios de diseño gratuitos



Facial masks have been growing in popularity in recent years and have recently become more popular than ever. Now, it’s not just a matter of fashion but of safety. Everyone should be aware of the current situation. So why wait? get ready for covid-19 and trust our printing company to get the best quality in custom printed face covers.

Why should you wear a mask?

The CDC recommends wearing face masks whenever you are in public or near people. They act as a physical barrier to protect you and others from viral and bacterial particles. Therefore, regardless of whether you are close or spaced, you should wear a mask with other people around you. This is precaution and courtesy for you and those close to you! Keep yourself and others safe! Face masks are a must nowadays.

How to properly wear and remove your mask

Once your hands are clean, take the mask by the upper straps and tie them above your ears. Then, make sure your mask covers your nose and is tight against your face with no gaps. While wearing your mask, make sure you never touch the front of it. Also, you should avoid touching your face.

Lastly, when you take off your mask, be careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

Custom printed face covers

Design your own face mask with your own design, or you can even order face masks with the logo included. Your custom masks come in a unique style. We offer inexpensive masks with logos and can also design one for you. Now, you can create a package of four custom printed face covers to match your outfit perfectly and keep everyone safe! There are many options we offer to each of our clients!

Why choose Boxmark for Custom Printed Face Covers?

As security is of great importance, we offer new products and designs to support our customers and their businesses. You must catch up with the new measures and keep everyone safe. Get your Covid 19 essentials to keep you safe. Trust Boxmark to deliver high quality products with free shipping.

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