Circle Covid 19 Floor Sticker

The 4mil Vinyl Floor Graphic (Floor) comes with a 3 mil luster coating allowing you to use the floor graphic on simple flat surfaces.

Stop traffic in its tracks with high quality Floor Graphics. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the 4mil vinyl is printed 4/0 with a 3mil luster finish lamination. They are easy to apply, remove, and withstand wear from heavy foot traffic. They are UL-approved slip-resistant and can be scrubbed, cleaned and waxed during routine maintenance. 4mil floor graphics are available in a range of sizes, from 1′ X 1′ to 75′ X 4.416′.

20mil Aluminum Textured Floor Graphics are printed directly on a anti-slip surface. This unique high-friction surface provides anti-slip stability and meets OSHA standards for both wet and dry conditions. The aluminum-backed material can be used on sidewalks, parking lot surfaces, courtyards and factory floors. This material holds up to heavy foot traffic, rolling vehicles and all types of weather. They are available in a range of sizes, from 1″ X 1′ to 75′ X 4.25′.

4-6 Day Turnaround

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Circle Covid 19 Floor Sticker

With new social distancing rules in full force, those businesses that are still able to operate, have introduced new measures to keep staff and customers safe. Then, you need to catch up with these measures and keep everyone safe. Get your Circle Covid 19 Floor Sticker to stay safe.

As safety is of major importance, we offer new products and designs to support our customers and their businesses. Also, these designs are CDC compliant. Thus, we offer Floor Stickers to help reduce the risk of catching coronavirus. It is because we care about your safety.

Sometimes known as Covid 19 floor decal, our custom printed floor signs work great in commercial spaces, the office or at home. Encourage customers to stay a safe distance apart and reinforce important safety messages with instructional floor stickers. Choose between indoor or outdoor variations. So, you need to get Coronavirus Safety Signs? Boxmark is the right place. Our Printing Company offers the best:

The importance of social distancing signs

  • You spread the word, awareness and take action on COVID-19
  • To warn people to take the right distance
  • You inform about certain measures

Where can you place a Circle Covid 19 Floor Sticker?

Remind customers or employees to keep their distance. With 4mil Vinyl and over-laminated for extra durability, these social distancing floor signs can be in supermarkets, stores, bank lobbies and your business. It is important to communicate safety information. Now, you can set at six feet apart to create personal space and crowd-controlled surroundings.

Social distancing floor signs: details

Washable and scuff resistant floor signs

Our floor signs have a textured laminate to protect your design anywhere. Our floor stickers are double laminated with a weatherproof coating, protecting them from scratches, fading & rain. They’ll resist steam & splashes making them ideal for floors but also great on walls.

Easy to install and remove

Follow our instructions to install your floor signs and easily remove them


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